History of Canadian Pure Wild Rice!

Native to Northwestern Ontario, Wild Rice is enjoyed today as a delicacy throughout North America.    

Canadian Pure Wild Rice is a naturally grown aquatic grass seed, not a farm crop.

Unlike much of the rice you find in your local grocery stores, true natural Wild Rice is not genetically modified and is grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides. Canadian Pure Wild Rice grows on non-depleted soils at the bottom of pristine lakes, it is always growing and reseeding itself naturally. 

Once harvested, even over time it will retain the same nutrient value and flavour.

Easy to keep, easy to cook, and the perfect accompaniment to any dish, Canadian Pure Wild Rice is delightfully nutritious, healthy and 100% natural. 


Benefits of Canadian Pure Wild Rice

Sold most frequently as a dried whole aquatic grass seed, Canadian Pure Wild Rice is incredibly delicious, low in fat, gluten free, and high in protein and fiber.  In addition, Wild Rice is a terrific source of the minerals potassium and phosphorus, the amino acid lysine, and the vitamins thiamine, riboflavin and niacin.  Wild Rice is considered a sacred component of Ojibwa culture and, as well as being a healthy food staple for us and also many wild animals, the uses for Wild Rice are certainly diverse. It is utilized in folk medicine as a diuretic, a treatment for burns, heart ailments or digestive complaints, and is also used in ornamental garden ponds.

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